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    Strategic layout

    Ningxia Yutai Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 2016, it is located in Wuzhong City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. The company's first phase investment is 120 million yuan, with a total area of more than 200 acres. In 2017, the first phase of the project has completed 35,000 square meters of steel structure plant and 18,000 square meters of large parking lot, and is equipped with staff apartments and office buildings. It is expected that the second phase of the project will be completed by the end of 2018, and the plant will double the construction of 35,000 square meters. The company has 800 employees, including more than 100 professional and technical management personnel and 18 senior engineers.

    Jiangxi Hongtai Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd.

    Established in 2017, it is located in Fengcheng High-tech Park. Jiangxi Hongtai invested RMB 300 million, which was completed in three phases and has completed the first phase of construction work. Jiangxi Hongtai Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. now has more than 70 professional management, technical personnel and first-line skilled production workers. It has initially established a management team with core competitiveness and innovation.

    Sichuan Hongtai Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 2018, it is the third wholly-owned subsidiary of Hongtai Group following the construction of Ningxia Yutai Special Steam and Jiangxi Hongtai Special Steam. The company is located in Tongjia Automobile Industrial Park, Lezhi County, Ziyang City, Sichuan Province, covering an area of nearly 300 acres and investing 500 million yuan. It mainly produces 18 kinds of 81 kinds of products, such as mid-mounted axle transport vehicles, warehouse grid trucks, flat dump trucks, various tank transport vehicles and low temperature pressure vessel transport vehicles. Sichuan Hongtai is a high-end technical equipment enterprise that serves the southwest region and is a group that has transitioned from traditional manufacturing to quality modeling and intelligent modeling.

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